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Desi design and chai

Rebellious bride - Madame moon print and sticker

Rebellious bride - Madame moon print and sticker

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Rebellious brides Collection 

This art piece is part of a collaboration between Tanya from DDC and Liz from Two Cryptids called Rebellious Brides.

For centuries now Indian brides are expected to be shy, conservative, submissive and “PERFECT” according to societal standards. This collaboration is aimed at kicking those traditions where it hurts… the balls.

This is a collection of vintage inspired rebellious brides who in our eyes are perfect, strong, independent and not afraid to stand up against these old fashioned societal “norms”.

Starting with Madame Moon who is a product of her dreams, not society and isn’t afraid to have some HIGH chai before walking down the aisle because marriage won’t define who she is.

We really hope you enjoy this collection.


They are printed on 100 lb cardstock  and comes in three sizes. Please pick from drop down menu. 

If you have any specific questions about the product please feel free to reach out before ordering 


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