About us

3 years ago when I, Tanya was planning my wedding I realized the basics needed for a wedding are so high priced all because they're for this specific event. Being a creative myself I set out to make my own stationery, signs and other crafts. That turned into a small business that catered to other brides with hopes to save them money and stress while planning. 

Over the years it became a shop that supports marginalized communities, women empowerment with focus on making art affordable and accessible while sticking to our motto - B.U.M -being unapologetically myself. My art evolved and so did my ability to support our communities and causes. It is important to me to spread the message to young girls to not conform to a society standard and be themselves! 

Being able to support my dreams while supporting communities and social justice causes through sales and donation is what drives me. A couple of years ago my husband Navin joined in on this adventure and started creating art under the DDC umbrella. 

It is important for us to ensure the youth in our community or the ones we meet at markets understand that it is ok to be yourself. Our brand is about expressing yourselves and not conforming to a stereotype. Being kids of immigrants we’ve been through real life experiences where we had to take the back seat or told to be quite or change. Our goal is to ensure the next generation understands that they’re allowed to be THEM. 

This brand has become something we're both very proud of today and that is for folks to realize their true selves without any social constructs holding them back. To be unapologetically ME. 

We now make what we feel represents us. We focus on pieces pertaining to mental health and body positivity. Tanya works with a bunch of different mediums, sewing, drawing, painting, constructing and making Resin pieces. We make things that are loud, they’re out there and they’re telling little humans that representation exists and it’s ok to make our own rules.

The Flamingo collective opened its doors on October 1st, 2022. The store is a collection of our own work but also art, home decor, apparel, wellness, stationery and much more sourced by Navin and Tanya Monteiro. Everything in our store is hand picked and sourced by real people who love supporting artists and small businesses. 

We source through different mediums, some directly from manufacturers, some from known vendors and some from other small businesses around the world. We're carrying products that have been bought from India, UK, Japan, Australia and some right at home in Canada and the U.S.

Follow us and let us know your thoughts, concerns and suggestions at @desidesignandchai or @flamingocollective.to (On Instagram)

We operate out of Toronto, Canada out of our small condo and now our brick and mortar location. We're a family run small business and can not begin to express our appreciation for your orders and support. 

Thank you for being here and thank you for supporting our little shop. 

Navin and Tanya