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The Flamingo Collective



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 W) James Kuhoric, S.A. Check, Mark Sparacio (A) Dan Parsons, Gerardo Gambone (A/CA) Mark Sparacio

It is the dawn of the CursedVerse! Bombshell & TommTomm and Witch Hammer debuted in 2023 to excited fans looking for something new! Now with the magic of FCBD we deliver an awesome collectible issue that introduces everyone to the wider world of the CursedVerse with an exclusive story, select reprints of the debut issues, and a look ahead at the next wave of comics! Fans have been clamoring for new characters and classic comic book adventures that focus on exciting stories and epic conflicts. We deliver that with a brand-new pulp-inspired universe of comics that feature unique characters in a world full of dark magic and danger. This issue features the amazing painted art of Mark Sparacio (Sgt Rock) and delivers action, adventure, and excitement in a good old-fashioned punch to the jaw! These comics harken back to the Bronze Age of comics when books delivered fun and impactful storytelling. If you pick up this FCBD issue, you'll open the door to a whole new world of comic collecting with stories that deliver the way comics used to!
Exclusive Original Material
Rating: Teen

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