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Desi design and chai

Female empowerment goddess tray silicone molds

Female empowerment goddess tray silicone molds

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This is a listing for goddess tray molds. They're made to order and can take up to a week to ship. 

You're able to buy alone or as a set for a discount, just select from drop down. The mold is not food safe but can be used for resin or concrete.

These are the originals designed by Kay Rains Designs and if you see them anywhere else they're unapproved copies and not the same quality. 

Note: we only have bgrade versions of the Uterus mold. We have another version of it if you go back to our silicone mold listings which is not Bgrade.

Please note the color of the mold might be different than the product photo as we work with different pigments. Please contact us before ordering if you have any specific questions. 

Check out our insta @DesiDesignAndChai for tons of updates and sales!

All shipping is tracked however once a product is mailed we are no longer responsible for the time it takes to get to you.

Mold usage tip: Avoid using a torch or high heat source on or around your silicone molds. The best way to clean the molds is by using tape to remove unwanted debris or gentle soap with water and allowing it to air dry. Avoid abrasive materials rubbing, picking, or scratching your mold to increase the life of your mold. Please follow your resin's guidelines and wear proper protection. 

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