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Ella & Lett Jewelry

Mood Rings EALJ MR001

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Who remembers wearing a mood ring?

The perfect nostalgic piece from your childhood! I am bringing them back! In the classiest way possible.

Gold Plated over Sterling Silver - Size 6 (2), Size 7 (2), Size 8 (2)


Black - Stressed and tense,

Gray - Low level anxious and nervous,

White - Frustrated and confused,

Brown - Overwhelming sense of restlessness and anticipation,

Amber of Gold - Feeling a range of emotions,

Yellow – Creative,

Pink - Color of beginning stages of arousal and interest,

Orange - Eager to try something new,

Red - Sign of high energy,

Purple - Sense of purpose and genuine clarity,

Green - Feeling comfortable,

Blue Green - Sign of contentment and peace,

Blue - Feeling happy and social, and

Dark Blue - High Level happy.