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Jade is Bliss

JIB 2001 "Pastry" Ashtray - Green

JIB 2001 "Pastry" Ashtray - Green

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Treat yourself to this pastry-inspired ashtray.

This handcrafted ceramic piece is as practical as it is beautiful:
- The curves along the edge are perfect for resting your pipe, joint or cigarette in between uses. It can fit up to 3 "Bliss" Pipes comfortably.
- Very easy to clean! Dishwasher safe or just use dish soap, warm water and a paper towel to wipe off any debris. All black residue comes off completely!
- The ashtrays are stackable for optimal storage and organization.

*As all our ceramic products are handmade by us, please be aware that each item may vary slightly.

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