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Jade is Bliss

JIB 0101 Carrying Case, "Bliss" Pipe

JIB 0101 Carrying Case, "Bliss" Pipe

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Sleek and sturdy, the Bliss One-Hitter Case was designed to keep your Bliss One-Hitter Pipe & accompanying supplies safely stored away, at home or during travel.

When you open this drawer-type case, you'll find an insert for:
- The "Bliss" One-Hitter Pipe
- The "Bliss" One-Hitter Cleaning Tool
- Space to carry a few Biodegradable Filters
- Space to carry your herb of choice

Included in the purchase of a Bliss Case:
- 1 Bliss Pipe Cleaning Tool
- 5 Cotton Biodegradable Filters

- Bliss Case measurements: 7.25" Length x 2.5" Width x 1" Height
- Bliss Cleaning Tool measurements: 5.5" Length x 5mm Width x 5mm Height
- Filters measurements: 15mm Length x 6mm Width x 6mm Height

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